The new season starts this weekend [at Calshot]

Our first event of the season is aimed at those 10 years and over who are keen to progress as bike riders. We have booked Calshot velodrome with VC Jubilee on Saturday from 17.30 to 20.30. This is a session open to beginners as well as experts but you need to confirm if you are coming by contacting Anthony; fuller details follow below.

Calshot velodrome  is at Calshot Outdoor Activities Centre in Hampshire. The session lasts from 17.30 to 20.30. Calshot is about 90 miles away and you need to arrive at least 30 mins before start. If hiring a bike at the centre you need to bring  trainers to use with standard pedals with straps. The centre website is: go to the foot of the page for a map and post code. Bike hire is about £6 and the session cost is £7.50.

Calshot tends to be freezing so dress appropriately for riding and for spectating. We do not expect to see riders in shorts as it is too cold. Water is hard to get at Calshot so bring enough refreshments of all sorts. If you wish to borrow a club bike then you can use your own pedals and shoes and will save the hire charge, this is a doubly good idea as we cannot guarantee that the centre will have a bike to fit you. If you wish to borrow a club bike then please confirm so; you will need to meet Anthony on Saturday morning at 09.00 to collect a bike from the container.  If you would like to come but need a lift please let Anthony know as there may  be someone who will take you.There is a second Calshot session on 20th March with slightly different timings 17.00 to 20.00.