Sessions this Saturday 19th April

All members please note

  • ·         From the first Saturday in May you cannot take part in sessions if you are not a full member. You must join British Cycling and PPYCC to be a full member, this can be done from our website.
  • ·         To ease congestion when our two sessions swap over we are introducing an ‘in/out’ gate system with signing on by the big gate near the pavilion end of the stand. Riders enter the track from the big gate and leave by the usual stepped gate at the end of the first session. For the remainder of both sessions we will be using the big gate at the pavilion end of the stand for access to the track and locking the small gate with steps.

U12’s session 9.00-10.30

  1. Signing on 8.30
  2. Bike check and warm up 9.00
  3. Colour Group sessions covering Leading and Following/changing position in a group
  4. Races

Later session 10.30-12.00

This week we will use track bikes, as ever weather permitting.

1.       Warm up

2.       Start practice

3.       50m standing sprint timed  [see below]

4.       Scenario race

5.       Win and out race.


Bronze Standard

Silver Standard

Gold Standard


Boys 50m Standing Start




Girls 50m Standing Start