Riding opportunities for older members [12 plus] this weekend

Two riding opportunities one on-road with PPYCC and one off-road with VCJ, both Sat 7th.

PPYCC road ride

From Preston Park at 10.00, usual arrangements, this is part of Anthony’s recovery from a knee operation so if you want a gentle ride stay near him. If you want more exercise then mention it on the day and you will be suitably tested.

VCJ MTB visit to Leith Hill

For older riders and those that are used to going on James’s sessions (so 13+ for most) there is a MTB trip via minibus to Leith Hill in Surrey, which will be amazing and a great day, its very sandy up there so should not be so muddy as other places. Many thanks to James for putting this trip on. If you want to go you MUST tell James ASAP to confirm places, or if you can get there yourself ensure you know the meeting point as its quite a big place. Parents are of course welcome too, especially with younger riders, or if you want to ride there under your own steam, but get a lift there. Remember to bring any padding and straps for your bikes on the trailer.


For the MTB trip to Leith Hill on 7th you’ll need to be at AOAC for 8.30am (don’t worry you can sleep in the bus!) its only about an hour drive, and no fee to ride there, but please ensure you bring £10 to cover minibus/fuel etc.


You’ll need extra food/drinks/snacks and change of clothes, and cycling clothes appropriate for the weather! And maybe some more money if the café stop is an option!?


Those wanting to go to Leith Hill on Sat contact James Stone asap:  james@jstone15.wanadoo.co.uk  or preferably drop text/call on 07918 057778 to book a place.