Racing news from PPYCC, part 4

Last Saturday was the National Youth Circuit Championships, held in Milton Keynes, chosen to host the event as part of the town’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The event was very well run, with a technical and carefully planned course for the riders. The day was perfect riding conditions, warm without being too hot, sunny and no wind.

PPYCC was represented in the U12’s by Luke Goodwill, in the U14’s by Lukas Nerurkar, Freddie Newman, Josh Golliker and Rahul Fortescue Talwar, and in the U16’s by Finn Anderson Grout. The U14’s and U16’s were racing for the prestigious title of National Champion, and the right to wear the National Champion’s jersey for the forthcoming season.

All the races across the age groups were very competitive and fast, with fields of 89 riders in the U14’s and 95 riders in the U16’s, with riders from across the UK, including Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands competing.

Luke Goodwill rode brilliantly in the U12’s, staying in the main attacking group throughout the race. Unfortunately, he fell back in the group at the start of the final sprint because of another rider’s mistake, but still managed to finish 28th with full effort in his sprint.

 First lap for the U14’s, motor paced

The U14’s were motor paced for the first 1.5 laps, to allow riders to safely understand and negotiate the 7 90 degree corners in the course! The racing was fast and furious from the start, with 3 riders making an early breakaway, and a large chasing group of approximately 25 riders not far behind them. Lukas and Freddie were in the chasing group, and rode fantastically throughout.

Lukas and Rahul in the main bunch

Freddie in the attacking group

The star of the U14’s for PPYCC was Freddie, who made a solo breakaway from the main group 2 laps before the final sprint, holding this and finishing 5th!! Well done Freddie on such an excellent result.

Freddie crossing the finish line in 5th place!

Lukas held onto the main group and finished an very good 22nd. Unfortunately Rahul had an injury, and wasn’t able to keep within the main group, but rode admirably within a smaller group behind the main attack, winning the sprint finish in this group for a final position of 44th. Josh fell back from the main group early on, having suffered with cramp on the start line, but showed tenacitiy and sportsmanship, working with another rider to maintain their positions, and finishing 78th overall.

 Rahul attacking  

Josh working with a fellow competitor 

Sadly, Finn, who was riding in the fastest and most competitive group, the U16’s, crashed when another rider braked sharply in front of him. He needed immediate first aid attention, and was out of the race from then on. We wish Finn a speedy recovery, and send him best wishes from us all at PPYCC.

As always, PPYCC would like to congratulate all our riders for their performance, participation and representation of the club. We are very proud of you all!!