Preston Park Youth Cycle Club Two Day

Two Day :Road racing at Hove Park starting at 6.30pm [sign on from 6pm] on Friday 12th with race lengths of 3 laps, 5 laps, 7 laps and 20 mins plus 5 laps [14 and up] for the different age groups. This is light dependent.

 On Saturday we will run a hill climb, time trial and road race with points being allocated for all four events with the highest scorer in each age group being the winner. If there is a tie on points we will take the winner from the fastest time trial time. Points will be allocated: 1st 10. 2nd 8, 3rd 7, 4th 6, 5th 5 and all other finishers 3 points. Non-finishers 1 point and no show 0 points. We need judges, a commissaire and timekeepers.  We hope to have some catering. We will issue prizes. Separate prize category for girls, prizes allocated as a minimum of 1st and 2nd and extra prizes where numbers get into double figures [if relevant]. This is a Go Ride event and does not carry BC points.

Road Race Hove Park
U 8 U 10 U 12 U 14 U 16 Junior
3lap 5 laps 7 laps 20 mins + 5 laps 20 mins + 5 laps 20 mins + 5 laps
Time trial
U 8 U 10 U 12 U 14 U 16 Junior
1 lap 2 laps 4 laps 6 laps 8 laps 10 laps

Road Race Preston Park
U 8 U 10 U 12 U 14 U 16 Junior
4 lap 4 laps 9 laps 20 laps 20 laps 20 laps
sign on start 9.30