PPYCC Turbo/roller Sessions Winter 2016-17

Following low attendance at last years turbo/roller training sessions we need to confirm if there is sufficient demand to run regular sessions this winter and have created a members survey to obtain feedback. You can find the link to the survey at the bottom of this article.

For those of you that are new to turbo training this short article explains what is
turbo training is ?  why do turbo training ? and what equipment do I need?

Turbo/roller training sessions are very much like a spinning class lasting 45 mins to an hour. The difference being that you bring your own bike and either fix the rear wheel into ‘turbo trainer’ or ride on rollers. The sessions involve following a specific workout DVD on a big screen. Workouts vary in what they cover from improving endurance, climbing, sprinting etc and the club has invested in a great set of DVDs from the Suffer Fest series.

Riders follow the instructions during the session and control how hard they want to ride using their gears and resistance settings on the turbo trainer to ride at a pace they feel comfortable. As they gain in confidence and fitness riders can increase how hard they want to ride. The sessions typically follow a set format of warm-up, main session and cool down.

The turbo/roller sessions are for all abilities and experience and are particularly useful during winter when light isn’t great, weather is cold and road surfaces are wetter. Turbo or roller  training is very safe and effective way for riders to maintain and improve fitness and skills as an alternative to riding on the roads.

Riding as a club group in turbo sessions is  very  motivational compared to completing sessions on your own at home and of course there will be 2 coaches at the sessions to spur on the riders. Depending on rider numbers there may be room for parents to join in as well but preference will be given to riders.

If you don’t already have a turbo trainer they don’t have to be an expensive purchase and can be bought relatively cheaply used from eBay or gumtree. The turbo trainers aren’t just for winter as they also come in really handy if the riders take part in races as they can be used for warming up before races. Alternatively you may wish to use rollers instead at these sessions, if you have these rather than turbo trainers. If you have a bike computer that’s great and can you track progress but it isn’t necessary for the sessions. The only other equipment than your bike is a drink, snack and towel incase you get sweaty !

The cost of the session would be £5.00 per rider.

If you’re interested in taking part in the turbo training sessions please complete the survey below.

Here’s the link to the survey