PPYCC support fundraising following news of the death of endurance cyclist Mike Hall

You may have seen the sad news last week that the UK endurance cyclist Mike Hall was killed while competing in the India Pacific race across Australia. He was in second place and approaching the finish. A fundraiser on JustGiving has been setup to help Mike’s family with costs. There is a PPYCC connection to Mike, and the club would like to support this fundraising for Mike’s family.

Some members will remember Ishmael Burdeau as a PPYCC coach from previous years and his son Milo, an ex PPYCC member. Ishmael knew Mike well through competing in two editions of the Transcontinental race across Europe in recent years, which Mike organised. Mark Aberdour, George’s dad, received the words below from Ishmael, which we would like to share with the club:

“I knew Mike personally, having done his race twice. He was a really incredible guy and I can honestly say he changed my life. He was a very big influence on me. Mike helped many people discover that real freedom and adventure are still possible. While I cursed his name many times on my two rides across Europe, I also have him to thank for giving me the courage to do what I thought was impossible. People like Mike are so rare and precious. Mike was a Real Human Being.”

The fundraiser is at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Mikehall

Guardian article: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/mar/31/british-cyclist-mike-hall-killed-during-race-in-australia

Our thoughts are with Mike’s family.