PPYCC Road Ride Sunday 9th March

It is now Track Season. For the forseeable future, Sunday Road rides may take place on an ad hoc and possibly less regular basis: so keep an eye on the website for details.

This Sunday the PPYCC road ride will be leaving from the Track at 9.30am.

We aim to ride steady for 35 miles on a circuit that includes returning via Combes Lane and Shoreham Harbour

Charlie is leading. If you need to contact me on the day call 07815103079

Notes- There will be no charge for winter club rides, but the nature of these rides is that a higher level of self-sufficiency is required. this means riders should be capable of safe return if they become separated from the group and that suitable clothing and equipment are used. Thus there should be no new participants without prior agreement. Similarly these are club rides and not coaching sessions, so will aim to be more continuous ride, with limited stopping. Please ensure your bikes are road worthy for winter riding, this includes using tyres that are not worn or suffering cuts and nicks.