PPYCC racing news

Last weekend saw a big PPYCC turn out at the 1st in a series of 3 races hosted by Hackney Cycling Club at Lee Valley Circuit.

Ist up was Luke Goodwill and Alfie Bunyan in the U12 race. Luke rode well, in a fast and attacking race. He was active in the lead group but was boxed in the last half lap as they came round for the sprint but still finished well in 7th. Alfie started from the back row and totally missed the big push at the start.  However, Alfie rode well, working with another rider throughout the race, with Alfie putting on a bit of a push to come out in front at the finish line.

Luke in the leading group

Alfie and LVYCC rider working together

Alfie on the finish line

Next up came the U14’s, with Freddie Newman, Lukas Nerurkar, Josh Ballinger and Rahul Fortescue Talwar competing.

U14’s and U16’s pre-race: (L-R) Tom, Josh, Freddie, Adam, Rahul, Lloyd and Lukas

Last minute adjustments pre-U14 race.

The U14 riders found that this was a more tactically frustrating race, with other riders not prepared to make a breakaway, and it all coming down to a sprint finish. They all rode really well, spending much of the race at the front of the leading group. Final positions: Rahul 4th, Lukas 6th, Freddie 8th and Josh 13th.

Rahul and Lukas 2nd and 3rd in the group, with Josh and Freddie 7th and 8th, as the U14’s come under the bridge on lap 3.

Nobody up for a breakaway?!

Finally the U16’s races, with Tom Pughe-Morgan, Lloyd Costello and Adam Churchill competing, alongside PPYCC second claim member George Pittock.

Adam, Tom and Lloyd warming up whilst the U14’s race

The U16’s was a very fast race, with a lot of movement within the bunch, necessitating continuous use of skills and observation to avoid crashes, and an average speed of 42 km/hour. The PPYCC riders rode really well, keeping within the leading group and maintaing their positions. Final places: Tom 13th, Adam 17th, George 23rd, Lloyd finished but was not placed despite a fantastic, mostly solo, effort to chase the leading group after losing his place within the bunch.

U16’s going under the bridge

The U16’s were the biggest field of the day, with over 50 riders competing

Well done to all the riders (and their parents!) who competed, as always we are very proud of your participation, effort and representation of the club!