PPYCC Members make their mark at Cyclocross

Cyclocross Racing, PPYCC Style.

Members from PPYCC have been racing in the London and SE Cyclocross League for the past few weeks and this coming weekend it is PPYCC’s chance to run one the the events at East Brighton Park. See here: PPYCC Cyclocross Event. 

Last weekend was at Leeds Castle and was the first weekend of true cyclocross weather…..rain, and lots of it.

The Leeds Castle track has the infamous  ‘Wall’, a steep grass embankment which riders have to climb up with bike on shoulder.   Nothing as step as this at East Brighton Park.

After arriving at the top of the wall it’s time to jump back on the bike, which Rahul did with flying grace.

Freddie Newman came in 2nd in the youth A race with Josh Ballinger in 5th and Rahul Fortescue Talwar in 9th.

There are more photo’s of the day and the Junior/senior race where Adam Churchill finished 4th and Luca Stone 5th on the PPYCC Instagram site here: PPYCC Instagram.

There is also a video of the event posted here on the london League page here: facebook


PPYCC Cyclocross Event at East Brighton Park, Sunday 30th September.

If you are interested in helping out for any part of the event or you or your child wish to take part then please go to this link where you will find all the details:  PPYCC Cyclocross Event. 

The weather forecast for this weekend is SUNNY,  so come along and try some of Charlie’s ‘Velo’ Burgers and help promote PPYCC