PPYCC is looking for volunteers!

With PPYCC’s AGM coming up on the 17th November, and with it the annual election of PPYCC’s committee, it is timely to think about our volunteer team.

We currently have some vacancies within the committee, and welcome parents, or other adults within the club, to join our team. You don’t need any specific skills to join the ream, just enthusiasm and support for the club and cycling! We particularly welcome nominations from parents who’s children are younger members of the club, and would contribute to ideas and actions to help to develop the club over the coming years. If you have fundraising knowledge and experience, this would also be an added bonus to the club!

The position of committee member does not take up a large amount of time, the committee is a friendly and social group, meeting 5-6 times a year, and helps to manage the planning of events, as well as the day to day running and development of the club, with actions shared amongst the group.

There is one specific role, that of Treasurer, open, as Jenny Martin, who has been an amazing Treasurer for the last few years at the club, will be stepping down. Jenny would work with an incoming Treasurer initially to ensure that they were fully aware of all aspects of the role, before they take over for the next financial year. Whilst committee members don’t generally require specific skills, obviously with this role does require some mathematical and/or book keeping abilities!

Current committee members who will be standing for re-election are:

Kim Fortescue Talwar-Club Chair

Anthony Rogers-Club Secretary

Hannah Beattie-Club Welfare Officer

Charlie Booth-no portfolio

John Ballinger-no portfolio

Alan Newman-no portfolio

Adam Churchill-Youth Committee representative

Rahul Fortescue Talwar-Youth Committee representative

Freddie Newman-Youth Committee Representative

If you are interested in supporting the club, or would like to discuss anything further, please contact  myself, Kim, at chair@ppycc.org.uk, I look forward to hearing from you!