Outer ring session Saturday 12th September

Outer Ring Riders

With the club circuit championships at Cyclopark less than a month away we will continue to develop our circuit racing skills. Please note that at the AGM in November some award categories will be based on the racing at this event.

One theme of the session will be ‘starts.’ Check your shoes and pedals are fit for use and especially that shoe plates are not worn beyond their useful life.

The weather forecast for Saturday morning is not great

Please keep an eye on the PPYCC website as we will confirm (before 10.00 am on Saturday morning) if the session is on or off

Also a couple of reminders;

1. If you are new to the club and need to borrow a bike please arrive 15 mins before the start of the session so one of the coaches or volunteers can help get you sorted out

2.  The weather is becoming more changeable – please ensure that you wear the right amount of clothing and think ahead about getting kitted up as we head towards the latter part of our season

See you on Saturday