New club clothing

We have expanded the items of club clothing available to members and these can be viewed on our website.For those that are fast you can order on our website by Sunday 3rd April for our first purchase. Those that have ordered before will know that it takes some weeks [2-3 months] for the items to arrive. We will place orders from time to time; as enough orders are placed on our website to fulfill minimum order requirements. Shirts we often have in stock but most other items are ordered specifically.Please note that we are introducing an incentive for our members of Youth C category and above to be ambitious in their racing. Any club member when they have totalled five regional/national youth race events will be able to claim an item of club clothing paid for by the club. A winter training jacket may be suitable [given the cost and the turnaround time of clothing orders].A non-exhaustive list of races will be published separately but includes any British Cycling promoted regional or National Series races, National Championships and BSCA races.