Inner Ring 200m Times

Well done to all Inner Ring riders for posting some great times in the 200m time trial today. All of the riders times are below and are also saved in the 200m Time Trial Spreadsheet where some riders will be able to view their performance improvements over several years. Riders can also add their own times into their rider passport and we will sign these off next week.

Thanks to Freddie’s Dad for helping with timing today and to the parents who have been helping fix up bikes during the sessions over the past 2 weeks. For those interested in loaning a junior racing bike, the work of our volunteers means that we will soon have enough bikes ready to get the qualified mechanic down to check them over, prior to allowing them back into the loans pool. All of your help is much appreciated, thankyou!

200m Standing Start times – 29 May 2021

Arthur Whitnall 24.53
Charlie Bunting 20.84
Cooper Aberdour 21.67
Eli Clayton 24.83
Ella Woffinden 28.56
Ellis Cheshire 21.14
Elodie Clayton 28.29
Evan Goulding 23.62
Ewan Whittaker 27.23
Freddie Griffin 25.79
Gabriel Au 21.73
Gus Cornock 20.85
Jude Waters-Rugman 22.91
Kenzie Mack 32.03
Monty Morton 22.77
Olly Thomas 24.04
Patrick Morris 24.66
Rosie Camps 24.59
Wilf Findlay 27.27