How to be a British Cycling Champion & RSRs

Dear Club Members, this information is to correct any erroneous information that may have gone out previously, mainly because I know I got a bit mixed up. If you are interested in racing at a higher level, and maybe even have ambitions to become an elite rider or professional then please read on.

British Cycling South East and East run a series of age related coaching days called RSRs [Regional Schools of Racing] for the regions best riders. This past winter Georgina Burnett has represented PPYCC with great dedication at the Track RSRs.

There are criteria for being eligible for the RSRs which can be seen below. We nominate riders who have shown talent and dedication in their riding and the Regional Performance Pathway Coach (East & South East Regions), Iain Cook, selects these riders based upon our recommendations and published race results. Thus you are unlikely to get selected unless you start racing at a regional level. Then you would really be expected to enter a couple of national races too. National races are of course all around the country but there are always some within a two hours drive.

Circuit RSR Criteria

To be considered riders must meet the minimum criteria outlined below.  If riders don’t meet the criteria they won’t be offered a place even if the full 18 places per gender aren’t filled.

  • Born 2000,2001 or 2002
  • Already racing in regional level circuit events (more than just doing their local midweek crit)
  • Aiming to compete in National Circuit series races and National Championships this year
  • Mentally mature enough for RSRs, able to be self-sufficient on sessions
  • Aspiring to compete internationally as a senior bike rider

For riders born in 2002 (will still be U14s this year) they must competitive in the age-group above theirs and already achieving top 10 places in national series races.