Help protect cycling in Surrey

From: Samuel Gee <>
Sent: Friday, 11 October 2013, 12:44
Subject: The anti cycling petition to Surrey County Council and the response from Cyclists and others

As you may or may not know there is a small vocal but active minority that have got up a petition against the increase in cycling in Surrey.  They are quite serious and have triggered a debate that will be broadcast by the BBC on 23rd October.  Notably they are opposed to the Ride London, Surrey Classic Road Race and the Tour of Britain. But more widely are against cycling in general.

In response an alternative petition has been started quite simply to show that that a mere 3000 – 4000 signatures is not all that many and that cycling is popular in Surrey and not just amongst cyclists..

If you want to support cycling in Surrey and back the County Council in their efforts to promote more and safer cycling then please think about signing the petition.  I have copied in all the cycling group contacts that I could find.  Hopefully this will be passed on to the members that they/you have.


Samuel Gee

About me : Cyclist, commuter. living in Runfold near Farnham Surrey.  Cycled and raced as a youngster. Have ridden out a few times with Wyndy Milla my son is a member of Farnham Road Club and Charlotteville CC.  I spotted an article in Cycling Weekly that led me to the anti-petition and then on to the response.  I hope that you will join me in making sure that the voices of cyclists  and others opposed to the the quite nasty anti cycling campaign that is being run in the County are heard. 07584 020887