Do you have any skills that could help us?

Dear PPYCC members,

As many of you will know we have been struggling with storage space at the track for a while which amongst other things makes removing and placing bikes in the racks very difficult and can also result in damage the bikes. Furthermore, we are currently looking at the feasibility of of buying additional bikes to meet the growing demands from our increased membership which if successful would only exasperate our storage problems.

Consequently, we are looking into the feasibility of obtaining additional storage space and creating a secure office and workshop. We are in the very early stages of evaluating the feasibility and costs of this development and are keen to find out if there are people within the club that may have skills or contacts that could assist us.

In particular we would be keen to hear from anyone that has:

  • experience of writing and submitting planning applications
  • steel fabrication skills and could assist in adding secure windows and a door to one of the existing containers
  • access to cheap windows, patio doors and/or regular doors
  • can help in repainting existing containers
  • can supply preparation and painting materials, including suitable paint
  • contacts in the container supply and delivery business i.e. cheap containers
  • access to a crane capable of re-positioning one of our existing containers

I must stress that we are currently only looking at feasibility and trying to determine what would be involved and the likely cost.

If you do think you can assist in this project we would love to hear from you, so please contact Andy Hemens for more information…