Coming up this Saturday 8th March

After a great start to the season with 65 riders completing the British Cycling Go Ride Distance Challenge we see our first standard session coming up on Saturday. We will be posting the results soon but for now would like to remind you that we have a new membership and signing on process. The signing on is aimed at reducing the queuing for members but no doubt will take a while to bed in [see more below].

For this first week we recommend that you turn up no later than 15 minutes before the start time for your session. This means 08.45 or earlier for younger riders and 10.15 or earlier for the older training group.

Signing on

To speed up the signing on process and allow maximum riding time, this year PPYCC is introducing Signing On Cards for each rider. These will be issued once membership and payment have been confirmed. Cards will be in place of actually signing on to help us reduce the weekly queuing we witnessed last season. Signing on cards will be kept at the track and each rider’s card will be moved from the ‘Signing On’ card store to the ‘In attendance’ store as they make their payment.  The cards will allow riders to add emergency contact numbers and any important details, so that this information is available without having to write it down every week! No signing on sheets means it will save trees too!