Catching up with old news 2 Racing at Cyclopark, Gravesend

We are posting a variety of old posts you may have missed due to the recent difficulties with our website. No 2, Joseph Martin

Jojo raced at gravesend last night in the first spring in the park. Whilst his result (about 8th out of 25?) doesn’t look great, he had an interesting race.

There were several attempts by a lad from herne hill to get off the front and Jojo pulled him back each time. On about lap 3, jojo pulled another break back and then hit the front. Managed to open up about a 15 second gap on the rest of the field which he held onto for 2 and a half laps. Rest of the field eventually organised themselves and caught him and he got swallowed in the sprint for the line with no legs left. Brave attempt. Perhaps he’ll be a little more patient next time and go for it with 2 laps to go…!!