Boardman CX Team (52cm) Rolling Chassis For Sale

With cross season coming up you might be looking for a cheap way to start the youngsters off in the wonderful thrill that is Cyclocross racing (or yourself if you are on the shorter side!).

This frameset is about a 52cm seat tube with approximately 55cm virtual top tube. In most sizes this is probably about a small or maybe x-small. Frame is Ali, fork is carbon.

You will (obviously) need to add drivetrain/shifters to have a bike you can actually ride (though the front derailleur is included). More info below the pics.

Its condition is good. There are plenty of paint scrapes as it has been raced for a few years, but structurally its fine. It also has a bottom bracket adaptor inserted so that you can use a regular threaded bottom bracket rather than the incredibly irritating push-fit that it originally used.

Brake calipers are BB5 cable operated (so no need to buy hydraulic shifters/groupset) with recent-ish new pads. I might have a couple of spare new ones too.

Wheels don’t run all that true, but being disc brakes it doesn’t really matter all that much and could be mostly straightened up by a wheel builder or bike shop. Tyres are 40mm WTB “gravel-ish tread” tyres. These just clear the chainstays, but I can swap for more CX’y 33mm ones if you want.

There is also a spare fork (pictured) which has a longer steerer tube. This had a brake mount thread stripped which I have repaired with a heli-coil. Admittedly I didn’t quite get it fully straight but the brake caliper mounts to it fine (I checked).

I need it out of the shed, so just make me an offer.

Contact me via email on (with your phone number if you’d prefer that).

For the avoidance of doubt the bike comprises:

  • Frame and headset, spacers, stem bars etc. everything you see
  • Fork (both the one attached and the spare one)
  • Seatpost, seat and clamp etc.
  • Brake calipers
  • Wheels and tyres