Welcome to Preston Park Youth Cycle Club. We provide fun, skills and competitive cycling activities with fully qualified coaches at Preston Park Cycle Track and believe that cycling contributes strongly to a sustainable lifestyle. Our club caters for members aged 8 to 18 years, though we have some older and younger members.  We meet between March and October, typically at Preston Park Cycle Track, every Saturday morning. The club also meets less often during the winter months.

Please contact our membership secretary if you wish to be placed on the waiting list for new members.

Training opportunity for PPYCC volunteers and wannabe volunteers

PPYCC would welcome the help of further coaches. We can support those with ambitions in coaching and those who are new to coaching or cycling. This message is aimed at the latter as PPYCC have no Level 1 Coaches.

Level 1 coaching allows you to support Level 2 coaches and also to lead a small group of riders independently. To become a Level 1 coach you need to attend two days of training on consecutive Saturdays. Courses cost £260 and PPYCC can provide full financial support to anyone who wishes to embrace coaching with us or a contribution to those who may like a little involvement with less commitment. You have to be 16 years or over, but do not have to have any particular experience to take part in the Level 1 course. Ideally you are a competent bike rider, but even being able to ride a bike is not a prerequisite. Becoming a coach helps develops your communication skills and join in the fun we all have. This offer is open to anyone who meets the qualification criteria, essentially being 16 years or older. We would welcome inquiries from members.

For more information see: the coaching section of the British Cycling Website

To enrol on the next course at in Bromley on 11th and 18th April use this link: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/course/details/1865

To have a chat about what is involved contact Anthony on 07757284814 or anthony@ppycc.org.uk


Road ride tomorrow

Holidays, injuries and illness have reduced the club’s ability to lead rides recently and as part of our recovery and the final Sunday before our new season we are running the final Sunday winter road ride. Meet at Preston Park for a 09.30 departure, we will be using Winter route 1 for a fairly easy 25 mile trip. Anthony is leading this ride.

Tomorrow’s slow ride to support the Velodrome

Don’t forget the Slow ride to show your support for the track tomorrow! Everyone is welcome, riders and non riders alike! The council are currently considering the repair proposals that British Cycling are recommending for long term safety and continued competitive riding at the track, this is our chance to show how many people support the undertaking of the work.

The event is to be held from 11-1pm, please arrive from 11am onwards, as the track is in use for another cycling activity until then.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

LAST CHANCE! Final opportunity this winter to join turbo and roller session.

Bookings are already being received for this final winter event. To secure your place book early!

Our LAST indoor training session FOR THIS WINTER – is this coming Saturday (28 February). Book your place by 2pm Friday (see below for how to do this).

Arrive at 16.00 to set up for a 16.15 start, the session will run until 17.15 allowing 15 minutes for packing up the pavilion. The pavilion is situated beside Preston Park velodrome and accessed from Preston Drove. Their is a charge of £4 members / £5 adults and non-members.

Please book a place with Mark, so that we can manage space and ensure enough bookings to cover costs, by emailing mavincent@hotmail.co.uk

It is absolutely essential that you do not bring a dirty bike into the pavilion so please clean your bike in advance (there was a penalty for a rider that brought a dirty bike in at a previous session). Also you must have a cover to place between your trainer and the pavilion carpet. This could be a cheap mat, a carpet off-cut, or at the very least a bath towel. Also please clean your shoes on the door mat upon entry.

We have invested in the Suffer Fest video training programmes and new projector equipment to allow this to happen so please come and attend. We even have a proper screen now instead of the sheet, so it’s really well set up. We also get the enormous industrial fan out to keep riders from over-heating

If you want an idea of what happens (and wish to see what the new screen and big fan look like), here’s a video of a previous session: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1kLV5sP-tM

PPYCC New Season news

The new season at PPYCC is nearly here! Welcome to all returning PPYCC members to the 2015 season.

Despite the continued uncertainty of competitive racing at Preston Park, the velodrome is still the home to PPYCC, and we will be holding Saturday sessions throughout the season, March-October. Session times remain unchanged for the Inner ring (U12′s) sessions, running from 9-10.30. Outer ring sessions will be run as a mixture of road rides (normally a 9.30 start) and velodrome sessions (10.30-12.00) until the track repairs are completed and more consistent track and road training can take place at the velodrome. Session details for the Outer ring will be posted throughout  the season.

The first session will be held on Saturday 7th March at the velodrome and will be, as in previous years, a Distance Challenge for both Inner and Outer ring riders. This is your chance to see how your distance riding has improved from last year’s results!

Club kit:  

Don’t forget you can pre-order your new kit, with a great range of items available, by emailing John directly at john.ballinger5@googlemail.com. The kit page on the website is being updated for direct orders once the season is under way.


Remember to renew your PPYCC membership for 2015, with a free club cycle bag for members rejoining by 01.03.2015. Please update any important information as necessary with the team when signing on for the first time in the new season.

Forthcoming events: 

!*Pedal to save Preston Park Velodrome*! at the pre-season event to be held at the velodrome 11-1pm Saturday 28th February 2015.

The Cyclocross park has been booked for 3 sessions throughout the season, details to be posted nearer the time.

For riders wishing to take part in the National Youth Track Omnium Series, PPYCC is now part of the Southern Region. The first Omnium in the Series will be held on 25th April and entry is now open for riders in Youth Categories A-E at https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/?series_id=70

Membership renewal

Thank you to all those who have renewed their PPYCC membership for 2015. A reminder to all those who would like to continue riding with PPYCC in 2015 that you will need to renew your membership via the BC website at https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/club/profile?&club_id=996.

Riders who rejoin by 01.03.2015 can claim a free cycle bag, complete with the new club logo designed by member Freddie Newman! Eligible members will receive their bag at the beginning of the new season.

Save the date!! The Velodrome campaign!

Update on the Velodrome

In a recent post you were informed about the risk of losing competitive cycling at Preston Park Velodrome because of the repairs needed to ensure the track’s safety. British Cycling are still in discussion with Brighton and Hove City Council to try to ensure that the necessary work is completed in time for the beginning of the racing season in April.

Local cycling clubs want to ensure that the work is made a priority by the council, and many thanks to those of you who have signed the e-petition on the council website. There is still time to sign the petition, open until 05.03.2015, at http://present.brighton-hove.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=447&RPID=13307132&HPID=13307132 

In addition to this local clubs, including PPYCC, have joined together to organise a ‘Slow ride to save Preston Park Velodrome’ and invite all riders to come down to the velodrome from 11-1pm on Saturday 28th February. The intention is to show the council how many riders would be affected by the loss of competitive cycling at the velodrome, and the potential impact this will have on PPYCC, and all riders riding both competitively and non competitively. Local and national media groups will invited to attend.

If you can spare some time between 11-1pm and join riders in riding slowly together as a group and show your support for the Velodrome repairs to allow cycle racing to continue at the historic Preston Park Velodrome, we would love to see you there, everyone is welcome! You might even get your picture in the paper!!

PPYCC look forward to seeing you there!

Reminder – Turbo and Roller Session tomorrow (14th February)

The turbo and roller session is ON tomorrow (14 February). We haven’t had many bookings though, so there’ll be space to turn up without a booking.

Adults welcome too! If you want to better understand what you’ve seen in the videos, come along and join in! Watch here:


Arrive at 16.00 to set up for a 16.15 start, the session will run until 17.15 allowing 15 minutes for packing up the pavilion. The pavilion is situated beside Preston Park velodrome and accessed from Preston Drove. Their is a charge of £4 members / £5 adults and non-members.